Traci Brown

And she’s told the world what they’re not saying. NBC, CBS, and Fox have asked this body language expert to reveal secrets hidden in plain sight. And she can help your team reveal the secrets your clients are keeping from you that are impacting your bottom line.


Traci has even adapted the skills to talk herself out of an embarrassing number of traffic tickets and into lucrative deals. She’ll teach you how to do it, too!


Traci’s system landed her a lucrative product deal with Kevin Harrington, a Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and took her on a wild ride to the big time consumer markets of TV shopping channels, infomercials and beyond.


In her fast-paced, interactive programs that are sure to entertain, Traci teaches high-performance persuasion that worked to get the deal with her Shark.


You’ll be able to immediately use the same tools to create more success in your own organization and personal life…so you see more zeroes (before the decimal) in your bank account.

Traci is a Three Time US Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA , just ask her how she used body language to win bike races.