Harry Heist is the founding partner of the Law Offices of Heist, Weisse and Wolk representing a large number of property management companies, owners and investors in legal matters and filing thousands of eviction actions each year. He has evicted well over 150,000 tenants all over Florida.

Harry began his legal career in 1989 diving head first into property management law. He does property management law. Nothing else.


Harry believes education is the key to success in property management. One of Harry’s passions is keeping Florida a “landlord friendly” state

writing and co-writing most of the changes to the Landlord/Tenant Act in the past 27 years.

Harry Heist

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The firm’s website, evict.com is the largest source of Florida-specific legal information for the property manager. Harry believes that most litigation and headaches can be avoided through proper policies, procedures, and forms and has made it his mission to spread the word.   


He moved to Florida escaping from New Jersey in 1989 where he attended Rutgers University School of Law and Seton Hall University graduating with honors from both.


He charges no retainers, no monthly charges, no hourly billing AND he will send you all these forms and notices you have in front of you plus much more FOR FREE by email.


His goal in life is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Qualified Clients of Heist, Weisse & Wolk may be eligible for free access to his video content, email Harry@Evict.com for access.