Strong communication skills are the foundation for all workplace interaction. When a company faces a challenge of any capacity, communication is likely the root of the problem. Select a topic to view available sessions or scroll down to openly view them.

Understanding Conflict

Price: Free

*This short training video is available for free to anyone who registers on our LMS until September 16, 2018.


Timeline: 5 minutes


At times, conflict can get messy, especially in a professional setting. What you’ll learn from this video, will help you gain a better understanding of conflict, pitfalls from avoiding it and the value of finding resolution. This video is part of the Resolving Workplace Conflict series.


Dealing with Conflict

Price: $9.99

Timeline: 10 minutes


Conflict is a natural part of any workplace environment, in this session you'll learn how your own actions impact conflict, how anger plays a role in your response and how to stay in control of the situation. The techniques discussed in this session relate more closely to customer interactions, however; they apply to peer interaction as well. This training video includes an assessment.

Resolving Colleague Conflict

Timeline: 16 minutes


It's a known fact that avoiding conflict among peers has a destructive impact on workplace relationships.  In this session we will cover the Cycle of conflict, resolving workplace conflict and ways to create positive change in your workplace environment.

Price: $14.99

Prioritizing Your Time

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Price: $14.99

Timeline: 20 minutes


In this session, you’ll learn how to prioritize your schedule, organize your time and eliminate obstacles. By embracing these proven techniques, you’ll quickly notice improvements in stress levels, productivity, and workplace relationships. 



- Self-Reflection

- Structuring Your Schedule

- Overcoming Objections


Dealing with Angry Residents

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Timeline: 15 minutes


In this session, you’ll learn what it takes to reduce the risk of conflict and the fundamental steps of dealing with angry residents. This program also includes an activity guide to help turn the lesson into positive change.

Price: $9.99


Key Components of Customer Service

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Timeline: 15 minutes


In this session, you’ll learn why customer service is so critical to your business success and the key components of excellent customer service. This program also includes an activity guide to help turn the lesson into positive change.

Price: $9.99

The Star AR Coach


Timeline: 20 minutes


Have you ever received some type of coaching from someone and afterward you felt like they just bit your head off?  Want to better than that? Star Coaching will help you develop your team and enhance productivity. All while staying likable.

Price: $9.99


The Reflection Coach


Timeline: 20 minutes


Have you ever had an employee that was resistant to feedback, recommendations or coaching in general? Coaching has gotten a bad rep, this program will help you change the perspective of coaching into a positive one.

Price: $9.99